Questions and Answers!

I get these questions frequently, and others, i wrote myself to save anyone from asking (actually saving myself too...). i usually have a hard time responding to things properly, i sometimes don't understand the question either.. so this is the place where you can find out the answer to your question!

feel free to suggest more via email!

How did you make your site?

This is one of the questions I don't understand.. (っ °Д °;)っ when users ask me this, i have to ask to specify what they mean since it could mean a lot of things. I hate this question. anyways, here are the answers i can give it.

If you're asking how to make a site and how you can code on yourself, you should learn HTML and CSS, resources linked here!

If you're asking where I am hosting it, and how I opened the site up, I am hosting it on neocities, it's simple to use and also free. ( as my url suggests )

If you're asking me if I used a generator, template, or something like that, the answer is NO! i coded everything myself with my own two paws!

I hope these answers were good enough. I don't know what to say when asked this, but hopefully this clears stuff up.

May I use your art personal assets?

quick answer, no, please do not do this! I don't want my art to be reuploaded or reused. Graphics like the fan on my homepage, are not meant to be used anywhere else! Please respect this. I'd also appreciate if you could find the source of the graphics before using it off my page, as some are editted by me.

Do you do commissions for sites?

I recieve this question pretty frequently, and i can't say i haven't thought about it.. however, there are things that stop me from actually proceeding with commissions. first of all, i don't think it's fair to come to a niche community of hard working users, with a site that someone else built for you entirely. ( however. i can excuse templates .. most users put work into costumizing it themselves.. but commissions is just asking someone to do everything on a page for you . ) i don't want to bring users here who have no interest in coding or web design. i know reducing neocities to just coding is wrong, but at the same time i think that if you really want a personal webpage you should learn coding. i mean, that's what you need to even make a site in the first place.

Can I copy/steal your website

actually it's pretty funny since nobody asks this but it happens pretty often. but i'd like to ask you to not do this. i know that not putting the effort into making something personal and unique, and just copying someone else's, is tempting, but before you do that please take the time to understand that coming up with these things isn't easy for anyone. i could do it, and so can you. I know i know 3 column layout basic blahblbhablahgaj, but it's very obvious when someone's making a 3 column layout, and when someone is blatantly copying your ideas and style.. i am very grateful that you like my site's design, but please appreciate it without copying it. i've actually had occasions where users steal not just my coding, but even what i write on my site and slapping their name wherever i wrote my own. and when you do this its pretty easy to spot out everything else. if you will copy atleast put a little bit of creativity, atleast try to distinguish it from my design. when this happens i'm tempted to just create something new all over.. which is time consuming and unnecessary. but i want my site to feel unique !

Well, imagine're facing difficulties in coming up with creative designs and finally creating something that reflects your extensive thought and personal touch. It's highly unlikely that you would appreciate someone copying your work in such a scenario. I kindly request that you refrain from doing it to others!

Can I repost website screenshots?

it is disheartening to see my website designs being reposted on sites like Pinterest as layout inspiration, without my permission. I've had this happen without recieving credits aswell. It bothers me because some users may come across my site through these reposts and mistakenly believe that it is a simple, reusable template like a carrd page or something... In reality, my website represents the effort and personal thought I have put into creating something unique and meaningful.

I hope your mind fog has cleared now, and if something isn't answered here, report back to the information room and you may find your answer there.. if not, you can Email Us