Web Links

you may find websites here to help with your web building needs, or just websites that will bless your eyes (@*´Ⅴ`p)
You can find cute graphics, useful materials or simply entertaining websites to click through in your free time! If you have any recommendations for websites to put here feel free to comment of my site profile!

Graphics and Web Materials
  • GifCities
    "The GeoCities Animated GIF Search Engine"
  • Fancy parts
    filled with really cute graphics and especially a lot of background and dividers, etc!
  • Fool Lovers
    Lots of pixel layouts, graphics (lot of bgs characters dividers)
  • Shuushuu
    A lot anime wallpapers and banners ( which I mainly use for my website's headers ! )
  • Free Backgrounds
    A load of nice tiled bgs for ur site
  • Free Blinkies
    A collection of web blinkies!
  • Glitter Graphics
    "Your #1 community for graphics, layouts, glitter text, animated backgrounds and more!"
  • Never obsolete tumblr archive
    Lots of old tech scans
  • Towemy
    An archived pixel website, super cute!
  • Website Generators,Editors etc
    • Ezgif
      Gif maker and has a lot of useful tools aswell!
    • DitherIt
      Turns any image dithered!
    • Pixlr
      I use this site to edit any image,hue shift, etc. It's free and easy to use so yeah!
    • Tiny Url
      Shortens any link
    • 3D Logo Maker
      Self explainatory, has really cool fonts!
    • Death Generator
      So so many text generators, a lot being anime themed and etc! super cool!!
    • What the font
      Find the most similar font from any picture
    • Minecraft Achievement Generator
      Self explainatory lol
    • Earthbound
      Super cute text generator
    • Luna Pic
      Picture editting tool, I mainly use for transparent bgs and also has fun effects to use.
    • Remove.bg
      Tool for removing bgs from images
    • Coding, resources
    • W3schools
      "the world's largest web developer site.", Has lots of tutorials and guides for coding.
    • RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects
      A veriety of js effects to choose from! I mainly use teh rainbow text and cursor particles, but it has other cool options too!
    • Codepen
      "The best place to build, test, and discover front-end code."
    • fc2
      Has a lot of web services, and free website hoster, has customizable counters, and more!
    • File Hosting Services
    • Catbox.moe
    • Imgur
    • Dropbox
    • You can use these sites for file hosting!
      Misc. - For Fun sites!
    • Lucky Star website
      a lucky star official website! mainly made for merch I believe but has super cute scans and decorative graphics, no longer updated
    • Lomando
      CW for horror if you wanna navigate futher!, this is a cool horror experience ( only if youre okay with very disturbing content )
    • Puni.to
      not sure what this site is about but its super cute and interesting to click through!
    • Surpara
      AGAIN, not sure what it's about but also has a nice look and looks fun!
    • 07th Expansion
      old Higurashi website!
    • Waifu Labs
      Create ai generated custom anime portraits!
    • Hello Kitty World
      Old hello kitty website!
    • Nintendo
      A cool nintendo specific website
    • The Otaku
      Bunch of anime related quizes and wallpapers, etc
    • Webneko
      super cute cat to follow around ur cursor!!
    • Not pron
      "the hardest riddle available on the internet" - this little puzzle game is really interesting and especially if you have time to waste!

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