The News Letter

information regarding important updates (and important updates only)

1:47 PM 8/5/2023

Hi there! so.. guess what ? Swirl v3 is here! It's been little over a month since my last layout. I wanted to change it up a bit, since the last layout didn't fit what I had in mind for my website, even though it was super adorable! The links have also been revamped. I'm going to work on some new pages as well.

7:09 AM 6/30/2023

HI! I'm excited (actually nervous...) to announce that swirl v.2 is FINALLY HERE !! (❁´◡`❁) I really felt like i needed to make this change because swirl v.1 was a very compact and small layout, that i really wanted to expand and be more creative with.. so with that, swirl v.2 was born!

i truly am a lil nervous since i know a lot of people liked my first layout. so i didn't wanna dissapoint.. but i realize its my site and i should do whatever i feel happy with ! I will really miss my old summer page however. swirl v.2 isn't summer themed sadly../(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ (but who knows what the future may hold for us ~~)

10:54 PM 6/5/2023

I've added lots of new pages and improvements to my layout! I've also touched and reworked the blog. The previous blog page was a little too simple and I got bored of it quickly, so i decided to remake it for fun and to also experiment with a bunch of new graphics i've been collecting. Since my last update i've also added improvements on my layout, such as working on the layoutting of the text (not sure how to explain it) but i tried to make it fit and look neater, i've also made my own fake decorational ad so I wouldn't just use one when i didnt even know what it meant or even where its from.. Because of that I think my page is so much more personal *(^ω^@)

Also, there are a lot of new pages including a few new shrines! I've added some pages like a 88x31 page to host my own buttons and also from sites that i really enjoy, a credits page to link back the sources of my graphics, etc, my room which is just a silly page i made for my own entertainment, and others! I've also updated the video games page, added a television section on my media page.. so yeah, there's been a lot of new content for the users to check up on! I'm proud of the many things i've accomplished for my site.

1:22 PM 5/26/2023

Somethings i've been working on currently are fan-pages/e-shrines and also improving existing pages. I have been experimenting and creating new pages dedicated to various topics that interest me! It has been a fun and creative process, and I have been learning a lot along the way..
I now have a shrine dedicated to " Spooky's jumpscare mansion" and one for " Club Penguin"! I'm excited to work on more in the future!d(^_^)b

I've also made a graphics page to showcase my collection of web-graphics that i've "collected" along the way of my internet journey. It is still being worked on, as I am constantly adding new categories and graphics in the existing categories. I actually really enjoy working on it and bundling up a bunch of graphics, and i hope that page is in anyway helpful to you! I encourage checking it out here as its a very huge collection that consists of hudreds of graphics! Happy collecting!(人’∀’)

12:01 PM 5/21/2023

I am proud to say that Swirl's homepage is finally complete! After putting in a lot of effort and hard work, I am happy with the result. Although I may make a few minor tweaks here and there, I am incredibly proud of the final result. I do have one concern though, and that's the limited space on the page. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to include everything I had in mind.. i tried a more simple theme than my usuals.On that note, Swirl v.2 will also come sometime in the future. I haven't started planning it out or anything so it might be long till i publish it, and that's because i love the current page even with how limited it is.. I won't want to scrap it just yet!(o´∀`o)

As of now, most of the pages on my website are finished and are available! So every link on my navigation bar is fully accessible, which is a very big accomplishment for me considering I started working on this project around 2 weeks ago. There is a bunch of pages that I got done in the span of a couple days and i'm proud of myself! With all that i am proud to say my website isn't in "construction" anymore. Everything i've wanted to finish is finished, but i still want to create new pages and improve upon existing ones. Swirl's journey has been challenging but still very rewarding! Happy exploring!

5:57 PM 5/7/2023

Swirl is alive and breathing! Recently, I have published the homepage (..which is a work in progress..) and am currently working on some new pages to add to that navigation bar.. I want to work on more personal pages as that has been one of the reasons to make this site. ♡(>ᴗ•)

I wanted to note that this isn't my first main site! I have recently discontinued my website, Purinland that i had been working on for nearly a year. I give ,like, everyone who asks a different reason for that discontinuation, but i'd like to phrase it now more clearly. I discontinued it for 3 main reasons.. .
1. I wanted to work on myself and improve myself, i was already considering a hiatus for that reason, before i deleted the page.
2. Some people have been stealing my work which is sad. I'm not even upset at them doing it, more at the fact that they completely disregarded my complaints when asking them about it! I've been there with copying and its a significat part of my journey that i could learn from. And I guess I can't say that i'm the better person here, but atleast I didn't continue to do it after being told to stop. And I actually learned my own style from it and have been working to be better.. If i can do it, so can you!
3. The main reason is my sister jokingly said she found my site and that was my breaking point i guess. I just want my site to be anonymous and i don't have any desires to share it with anyone I know irl. I don't use my real name and I won't specify anything too personal about me.
Purinland barely meant anything to me..Something I realized and thought about more after i discontinued the site, was how it didn't really feel personal to me. Sure, i decorated it and made it cute,but none of the pages I had really meant anything to me. I was a little scared to post my thoughts and reviews on certain matters because i'm a little insecure of my writing abilities. And even so, i didnt really made pages that resonated with me in any way. I needed a new fresh start, and thats why I made swirl..

So yeah, this was my reasoning for it. after a few months I am back to neocities. I've been meaning to make a new page and have been plotting and planning for a while, and I have finally published the page! get ready for constand updates now as i have a lot in mind for this site... (♡μ_μ) Happy viewing!