Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion!
Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion is a game that has a special place in my heart. its a game that I have played again and again over the years, and it has become one of my favorite horror games. the game has a lot of nostalgic value for me, and the intriguing specimens make the game stand out. the graphics are so bad that they add to that 2000s horror experience, and the game's sound effects and soundtrack create a truly immersive experience! i love how each specimen has its own chase theme, and while navigation the corridors they could just start coming after you from nowhere, and that fact keeps you on the edge of the seat. there's also constant jumpscares from specimen 1 that are always popping up when you least expect them.

the game itself is boring, but whenever i click "play" it feels like im exitting my reality and entering another era, an era that holds so much nostalgia and was just a happier time..
one thing that keeps me coming back to the game though, are the specimens themselves. they're all unique and their character design, chase music, and the story behind them make them so interesting.

My favourites

Specimen 2 is a semi-solid, humanoid figure that is dark-green in color with a bright green outline. Various bits of its body appear to be of a gel-like substance, while the rest is solid. It has a somewhat emaciated appearance, shown by its protruding rib cage and collar bones. It lacks a face, save for a lipless, open mouth, which shows its long teeth. It has no legs or feet, and its torso simply extends downwards, ending in a rounded shape. Its left hand is always held up, as if reaching for the player, while the right arm ends in a rounded stump at the wrist.
Fun Facts!
Specimen 2's appearance was inspired by the Lub-Glub monsters from Adventure Time.
Specimen 2 shares the same death screen sound as Specimen 4.
On the note in Room 60, the first letter of each line spell out "SIN".

Specimen 8 is a floating, demonic, deer-like entity wearing a long black cloak. Its antlers are long, somewhat symmetrical, sharp, and spider-like, lacking the beam-and-tine structure typical of most deer. Specimen 8 has two eyes with white pupils and black scleras, and it lacks a lower jaw. It also has abnormally sharp and jagged teeth jutting down from the top jaw. The cloak is sleeveless and even when open reveals no limbs, as Specimen 8's body comprises a set of human rib bones underneath which lies a host of screaming faces fading into the darkness.
Fun facts!
Specimen 8 design is inspired by The Beast from the 2014 cartoon Over the Garden Wall. The forest area is also inspired by the cartoon.
The text that appears on Specimen 8's death screen is a reference to Bambi as it mentions committing treason on a king, and a weeping, perhaps mourning, son. It also mentions a they, which could refer to humans capturing and hunting deer.

Specimen 5 is a faceless, humanoid creature that is entirely pale. Its body appears feminine, and it wears no clothes or accessories of any kind. Certain areas of its body, such as its face and limbs, also carry darker shades, presumably from lighting. Natural marks are visible across Specimen 5's body, signifying age in an organic or inorganic way. Its texture is similar in appearance to substances such as paper, clay, parchment, and wood. The Specimen also lacks hands with its arms ending in stubs. It carries a red-brown blade attached to its right arm which appears to be tipped with blood.
Fun facts!
In terms of speed, Specimen 5 is one of the slowest Specimens in the base game. While running, the player can easily evade it.

Specimen 12 is an old, Victorian mansion with supernatural properties. According to CAT-DOS, the mansion seemingly built itself around its environment and can choose a random "host", manipulating them to attack other subjects through various means. These means depend on the new host's characteristics. The current "host" of Specimen 12 is The Old Man - a balding, middle-aged male human with a yellowish or tanned complexion. He sports a tan trench coat, dark gray leggings, and brown shoes. His visage features a rather large nose and an eerie, constant smile. He carries a large sharp sickle in his right hand, which he drags along the floor
Fun facts!
The appearance of the Old Man was based off the popular Adult Swim short, Too Many Cooks.
He was the scariest specimen for me!!

Specimen 13 resembles a young white woman with shaggy, grey hair. Before the chase, she is seen sitting on a floating crate, with her back to the player, wearing a towel around her waist. She reveals her true form during her death screen, where she morphs into a black-eyed elderly woman with long sharp teeth.
Fun facts!
Specimen 13's behavior is a reference to Kaernk from the horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
Specimen 13's CAT-DOS entry may randomly show her face obscured by her hair or her true face.
Specimen 13 can only be encountered once, along with Specimen 7.
Specimen 13 cannot reach the player while they are on top of one of the crates, despite the fact that she can be seen sitting on top of a crate before the chase.
Specimen 13 may represent the Sirens found in Greek mythology.
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