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(o゜▽゜)o☆ SWIRL is my internet blog;; my digital garden blooming with artistic inspiration that I have carefully tended to, where I cultivate my thoughts and ideas ! (^_-)db(-_^) ☆
this is my safe haven, an encapsulation of the very core of my being! my site is a digital extension of my heart and mind, everything you see on screen comes from the webmaster's heart! ~read more ♪ (∩´∀`)∩

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1:19 AM 7/26/2023

i came back from italy and oh my gosh!! this trip was very fun. thank you for all the kind wishes on my feed. I walked like 13,000 steps 2 days ago, i am very proud of my accomplishment! will start updating again now!

Who is Celine?

hmmm hi there!~ the person behind this site, is me, celine and i am an introverted 14 year old girl from romania. i started this site out of pure passion! (*μ_μ)

i have a liking for many things, and you can discover these simply looking at your screen!

you may read more about me here!

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