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『 この世界の内に望む変化に、あなた自身が成ってみせなさい。 ♪』
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Welcome to my heartfelt blog, where every word is an extension of my heart and soul ~ This website is ran by a simple teenage gal named Celine ♡, who wants to share things with the world and put a smile on people's faces! (´∀`p)゚

Please read the Information Room and Room Map of the site! Read my Newsletter for the update (*´ω`*)Mokyu~

swirl version 4.0 . running on love fuel ~

swirly chan
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『 Who is Celine

hello ! (´ ∀ ` *) that would be me.., the webmaster of swirl, also known as celine! I am a teenage girl that likes blogging.

i am a sweet girlblogger. i made my website to have fun and experiment! i want to journal and archive my little life stories! this is a love letter to the things i love most.

you may read more about me here!

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  • 8/5/23: SWIRL v.4!
  • 8/5/23: SWIRL v.3!
  • 7/26/23: About Layout
  • 7/06/23: New Blog Layout
  • 7/02/23: Layout Tweaks ♡
  • 7/02/23: New Art Room
  • 6/30/23: SWIRL v.2 is out !! ♪
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