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I've used Neocities for a while and ive gained experience creating my website layouts! I'm a perfectionist and therefore, I obviously have had lots of layouts.

On this page, i'll be showcasing my work and thought process as I believe it is important to demonstrate the hard work that goes into the creation of a site! I hope that the hard work I put in my site shows through my layouts, and that it will inspire and encourage others to do the same! ヽ(o´∀`)ノ♪♬

Warning! I'm not a professional coder by any means ; In fact, my website is purely a personal and hobby project!
The dates may be just estimates.

Swirl v.2.0 : Published June 30th 2023

I really loved this layout! It felt like a little grandma's room, it was cozy and sweet.. However, I decided to change it, for no good reasons. I felt like I really wanted a change, even though I've only had this layout for a month and a week. I really like it though! You can view it here

Swirl v.1.0 : Published May 21st 2023
This was my previous layout before upgrading into to a warmer colored layout. I really like this layout and I want to keep using it! the new layout i have on is simply a revamp of this layout.. but ive also added minor tweaks to it (incase u haven't seen the layout gets bigger with like every update.) this layout was nicely put together and neat to the eye, i had a lot of fun working on it aswell.
you can actually view it here!

Swirl v.0.5 : Published May 7th 2023
This was the first layout i've published on this site. It looks very similar to my current layout, however, my current one has had lots of improvements done to it! as you can see, the navigation bar is even empty as it was the beginning of swirl. my current layout, i've worked on making it neater and nicer to the eye! i've also made it bigger and fit more essential things onto it, such a update log, featured page and a link to my button!
When i was making it, my thought process was trying to make this a simpler layout. My previous layouts as you'll find, are very long, and i really loved making longer layouts, but i've never experimented with a small one, so i figured why not do that for my new, fresh site?
unfortunately, i don't have a link for this one. As mentioned, it's a layout that i've been adding improvements on over time!

PurinLand v.4.0 : Published January 1st 2023
I loved this layout so so much and I still do! unfortunately, i've only had this layout for exactly one month. It's dissapointing how fast i scrapped it, but it still means a lot to me. I obviously could've reuse it for swirl, but my intentions for swirl was something different. it is a fresh start, so i've treated it as such!
On the thought process, I can't say much to be honest. I just made a layout similar to all of my layouts. Basically all of my layouts have a similar layoutting style and all that, the ridge borders, how everything was placed.. things like that! I wouldn't try anything new.
To be completely honest, when i started and published the first swirl page, i was just comparing my new layouts to my old layouts. i thought i had such a downgrade, and i think i did.. just a little, but the newest swirl page is something i'm now completely in love with and i think my site has grown a lot! coding wise too im sure!

PurinLand v.3.0 : Published 9th November 2022
I really like this layout, though I wouldn't go back to it. I'm not gonna lie, I think that I started to stylize and improve my layouts designs. For example, I stopped using that harsh black on borders, etc. No that it was bad or something, I still use it on some pages, but now, my site's graphics and colors all complement eachother and are fitting into one color scheme. i still really love this layout, but i think stylizing the borders and things like that would've been an amazing improvement. This layout has had some changes done, but the version from the picture was the most recent one.
This layout has honestly been the blueprint to all of my current layouts. It's been the first layout i was very very proud of, and i think that only improvement has come after this one! So because of that, it's hold dear in my heart.
you can actually preview it here as people have archived my site on the web archive ig. not all images will work though.

PurinLand v.2.0 : Published 2nd August 2022
Gosh this was so long ago. This layout was the first layout after all of my "all drawn by me" layouts! Basically I used to draw every on my site, my biggest problem with those is that i had to design everything and everything myself, otherwise it would look out of place. i couldn't even put buttons as they looked weird..I'm not going to post those as it's been so long since them and I'm also not proud of my thought process behind them. Anyways, i took a break for a few months, i don't remember how long it was, and then I came back with this! Also, huge credits to cvrsed for giving me a code snippet that helped me code this layout.
I've improved so much to be honest. I still like this layout but I think I had a lot to improve here.. with the graphics, layoutting, and even coding. There's been huge improvements ever since this layout and i'm proud of myself for that accomplishment!