Lana Del Rey is a highly accomplished American singer, songwriter, and record producer, who has made a significant impact on the music industry. Her unique style has captured the attention of music lovers around the world, blending vintage Hollywood glamour with a deep sense of melancholy. Her music is characterized by deeply introspective and emotive lyrics, which explore themes of love, loss, and heartbreak. Despite her success, Lana Del Rey has remained grounded and committed to her craft, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music. Her ability to connect with audiences on a deep and emotional level has solidified her position as one of the most talented and influential artists of her generation.

She began writing songs in her early teens and performed in various clubs around New York City! After attending college briefly, she decided to pursue music full-time. Lana Del Rey released her first album, "Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant," in 2010, but it was met with little success. However, in 2011, she released her breakthrough single, "Video Games," which became a hit and launched her career.

Her music has had a significant impact on the music industry, particularly in the realm of alternative and indie music. She has also been recognized for her songwriting abilities, having received multiple Grammy nominations.

Lana Del Rey's music is very special to me for a number of reasons. First of all, her songs are incredibly powerful and emotional. Whether she's exploring the complexities of love or going into the depths of loss and human emotion, she has a way of conveying those feelings in a way that feels very real and understandable.. Listening to her music is like entering a different era. I think Lana Del Reys music to be incredibly soothing and dreamlike.. Her melodic voice and haunting lyrics creates this feeling or sense of otherworldliness that transports me to a different realm.. Like i'm floating.
I appreciate and resonate with her style so much! The instrumentals, lyrics, and everthing, just make everything so audibly pleasing. Her aesthetic and music videos are also so interesting,she has a lot of talent and it shows through her gorgeous voice.
All of these things come together to create an artist who is truly talented. Lana Del Rey's music is a true reflection of her artistry!
I also enjoy how there are songs for when you feel sad, songs when you feel like dancing, rap songs , country, anything.. I just love how diverse her music is.

I just have to point this out but, I am not like some professional article writer nor am i some professional music reviewer or sth like that.. What I write here may come from articles, and also what i personally thought of the albums.. Some of it may not even be 100% accurate, but I wanna share my opinions on the albums and what i personally felt listening to them.. This is just my personal shrine, I wanna share some information on each album while also talking about my own experiences listening to them..

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  • Born To Die
    Born To Die is a beautiful album that revolves around love, loss, and the American Dream! Lana's lyrics are super nostalgic and melancholic, reflecting on past loves and experiences. The album's sound is heavily influenced by the 1950s and 1960s, with Lana's vocals sounding like those of a classic Hollywood starlet..
    This album is the best thing you could listen to in order to experience and "Americana" summer. The vibes of this album are immaculate.
    "Lana Del Rey said in the GQ magazine in September 2012: “A great deal of what I wrote on Born To Die is about these wilderness years.” (referring to her times of suffering from alcoholism at a very young age). The emotive lyrical content captivates her target audience as the key themes explored include tragic romance and the effects of melancholy upon herself; her fans can also relate to this, through their own personal experiences." source

    Highlights: Blue Jeans, Radio, Million Dollar Man, Carmen

    Born To Die: Paradise
    This era was intended to convey several themes, including religion, glamour, drifting and fame. This EP really reminds me of hot summer days.It's like taking a drive on a hot summer day, with the windows down and the wind in your hair. This one wasn't my favourites, the tracks in it don't really stand out to me, but that's my opinion of course. This album still has some amazing songs!

    Highlights: Ride, Cola, American, Body Electric

    This album is one of the more melancholic ones. Her hauntingly beautiful voice singing the lyrics..Her voice is truly captivating and possesses a beauty that haunts the soul. The lyrics she sings are a poignant tale of heartbreak and abuse, offering a unique perspective on these experiences that the media haven't touched on. Through her music, she is able to convey the mindset of someone trapped in a toxic relationship, showing how it can be alluring and even romanticized despite the harm it inflicts..This message deserves to be heard by more people and can offer comfort to those who have experienced similar struggles!
    "Ultraviolence tells the story of a visibly abusive relationship between the singer and a man named ‘Jim’. Lana opens the song with the ways in which the female protagonist is described by ‘Jim’. ‘Deadly Nightshade’ and ‘blessed with beauty and rage’ are terms assigned to femme Fatales. Women whose external beauty and softness hid a powerful entity within. She is clearly alluding to the women in the aforementioned songs like Cruel World, where their force of will controls their fate. However, this woman is different." source

    Highlights: Pretty when you cry, Cruel World, Ultraviolence, Fucked my way up to the top

    This one is one of my favourites of hers!
    Lyrically, the album touches on themes of tortured romance, resentment, lust, escapism, and violence.
    I think this album has a lot of beautiful songs, i love listening to them and romanticize. I feel like im losing yourself in the rhythms of Music to Watch Boys To, Salvatore, Art deco.. this album conveys dark emotions in such a raw way. I loved this album. it is one of my favourites because of how aesthetic and nice it is.
    "Accordingly, Honeymoon is a dark work, darker even than Ultraviolence, and the pall does not lift for its 60-plus minutes. It's an album about love, but "love", as Del Rey sings it, sounds like mourning. The romance here is closer to addiction—something that's sought for its ability to blot out the rest of life's miseries." source

    Highlights: Salvatore, Music to watch boys to, Art Deco, High by the beach,Terrence Loves You

    Lust For Life
    The diversity is why my favourite album by her is Lust For Life! Lust for life is a beautiful album. To me, it kind of feels happier.. The album is filled with themes of love, hope, and positivity, which is a refreshing change from her previous works! This album stands out to me, it takes a deeper dive into other music genres aswell. Lana worked with several artists, including The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, and Stevie Nicks. The collaborations added depth and variety to the album, making it one of her most diverse works!
    "Lana Del Rey's Lust for Life wraps itself around a simple, perhaps uncharacteristic idea: despite the chaos in the world, we have each other, and the choices we make can help us find eternal happiness." source

    I think that "Lust for Life" is a truly beautiful album. It's amazing to see how Lana Del Rey has grown and evolved as an artist, and as a person aswell. And this album perfectly demonstrates that. I'm so amazed at how she blended her signature sound with fresh and exciting new elements that keep the listener engaged throughout!

    Highlights: Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, Get free, Love, Lust for life, Cherry, Groupie Love, Summer Bummer, 13 Beaches

    Norman F***ing Rockwell!
    Norman Fucking Rockwell! is a remarkable album that showcases Lana Del Rey's artistry and musical talent! The album's themes and lyrics are introspective and deeply personal, while its sound is nostalgic and cinematic! This album is very iconic. it has some of her best songs on it aswell, such as venice bitch, which is in my opinion a masterpiece.

    "On her elegant and complex fifth album, Lana Del Rey sings exquisitely of freedom and transformation and the wreckage of being alive. It establishes her as one of America’s greatest living songwriters." source

    Highlights: How To Dissapear, Happiness is a butterfly,California, Venice Bitch

    Chemtrails Over The Country Club
    I think this album has some very amazing songs, however it was never my favourite because, in all honestly, I was scared to touch on it cause its country and i've never been a fan of country songs! But it does have some songs that I really appreciate and honestly, i think this album is very amazing, even if I don't listen to it very much.

    "Lana Del Rey's 2019 album Norman Fucking Rockwell! represented a new level of artistry, as the singer moved further from the disaffected Hollywood starlet persona of her early recordings into something more restrained, subtle, and mature. With seventh album Chemtrails Over the Country Club, Del Rey shakes off the cocoon of her slick pop days completely, continuing the nuanced songwriting and hushed perspectives of NFR! and turning in her most atmospheric set of songs to date. Much like its predecessor, the arrangements on Chemtrails are toned down, keeping the rhythmic elements minimal if they show up at all. This puts her layered self-harmonizing in the forefront of most songs, and also makes room for colorful smears of laid-back '70s-style lead guitar or delicate, jazz-informed touches."

    Highlights: White Dress, Tulsa Jesus Freak, Chemtrails over the country club, Yosemite

    Blue Banisters

    Blue Banisters is an abstract, harder to process, and much more introspective than her past albums. Blue Banisters, is in my opinion one of her best albums. I think with each new album that comes out, Lana's growth and talent shows more and more!

    "Blue Banisters is Del Rey’s eighth studio album and her second release of the year after Chemtrails over the Country Club. Where Chemtrails dealt with themes of nostalgia and disillusionment; Blue Banisters is a prideful take on self-acceptance and what it means to be alone. The stripped-down aesthetic aura of the album floods itself with intimacy and dulcet offerings. Largely piano accompaniment; Blue Banisters creates a haunting atmosphere that pulls us deeper and deeper into Del Rey’s psyche." source

    Highlights: Text Book, Sweet Carolina, The trio (interlude), Arcadia, Dealer, Blue Banisters

    Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd.
    There is so much I have to say about this new album, that recently came out. This album had a very huge impact on me to be honest. I feel as if this album is so raw, and perfectly demonstrates Lana's growth as a person. This album has themes of love, family, healing.. I found this album to be very sad personally, and also happy. I cried listening to the A&W, as Lana talks about personal experiences. And the transition from the first part of A&W, to the second, which is a boppy song, is honestly so unexpected. I was listening to that, bopping with tears in my eyes from the first part's verses.

    However, Let the light in is probably my favourite song in the album, actually my favourite song by her entirely.I just love it and the lyrics so much, and the entire song feels like watching the sun rise across a sunflower field. Anyways, I really love this album. It's a true masterpiece.

    "Lana Del Rey’s unique sound remains relevant as she weaves heartfelt ballads with upbeat indie pop in her latest album. Del Rey’s poetic sensibilities shine through as themes of Americana and heartbreak from her previous pop-centric albums return with a more nuanced consideration of family history and religious identity. The album’s well-produced acoustic soundscape elevates Del Rey’s melodies and lets her carefully crafted lyrics shine through."source

    Highlights: A&W, Peppers, Let the light in, Candy Necklace, Paris,Texas, Taco Truck x VB, The Grants

    Songs + Music Videos + Performances

    UM well this is obviously a shrine to my favourite musical artist, so showcasing some of my favourite songs, music videos, perfomances by her is VERY MUCH ESSENTIAL! Up until this point i've talked about the very themes of her albums, but now it's time for my little fangirling oasis. Yes. This will just be me fangirling over her and her amazingnes.Anyways. I'm not going to talk about all of her songs obviously, cause this post would never end, i mean its already very long.. and i'm also gonna have to admit that even I am still finding new music by her. She just has so many! Anyways, if you have my site on mute (like idk if others do that but i put like a lot of sites on mute bcs they have autoplay music. i even have my own site on mute.) i'd recommend turning it back on if you wanna hear these musical masterpieces ^_^ also, this will probably be very laggy, this section also relies heavily on iframes. and this may take a while to load.. sorry!!!!


    Music Videos

    Just to note, i tried not too many songs of lana above so i avoided the ones i wanted to put in this section. theres so much to cover from lana.


    LOL i just had to put the snl performance of blue jeans. im sorry but its just so iconic i can't not put it here.

    her voice is so heavenly and melodic. boy its hard not to cry listening to this raw performance! anyways, her performances of mdm are so iconic. skip to minute 3:50. i swear she is an angel. actually not an angel, she's a god.


    Wrapping up!

    Anyways so this shrine is basically the inside of my heart. the outside of my heart is probably shaped like the heart shaped lust for life vinyl. OKAY but i seriously want that vinyl so bad . Lfl is my favourite album and i just need to have the vinyl so bad. but its so expensive, i dont even have a record player :(

    Okay well I have to apologize for how long and how probably laggy this page is.. so i'm sorry that it is but im not sorry that i made it! this page is very personal to me. that's because lana del rey is my entire personality. she is amazing at everything she does. and i know she be kinda problematic or controversial and all i have to say is i don't rlly care! OKAY though i don't wanna be controversial on here but it's just my opinion. Lana does no wrong in my eyes.

    OKAY a hot take tho but, i know a lot of people prefer the old lana because she was more alternative. Personally I love her new albums more, and i think they're better too. I just think they're so beautiful. I just had to say that cuz i can't stand people complain about the new Lana, like wym? She's divine.

    ANYWAYS if you actually read this entire page which I doubt you did, I LOVE YOU AND YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE! Go stream 'Did you know that there's a tunnel under ocean blvd' now

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