Revisiting Club Penguin in 2023
Posted 10:27 PM 5/25/23

I grew up playing Club Penguin, and it was a comforting game to me. Recently, I decided to revisit my childhood hobby and logged onto the new Club Penguin. It was a lot of fun, and here are some of the things I accomplished, along with some screenshots!

I logged onto the game, created my avatar, and decided to play some of my favorite childhood mini-games, such as the ice fishing game. As I started playing the game, memories of my childhood came flooding back.. I remembered how as a kid, I thought the game was rigged because I couldn't catch the mullet. I felt stupid when i found out what the trick was from some youtube tutorials. It was still my favourite game, as i played it lots of times and i just enjoyed fishing and fishing. However, today, it was the first game I played, and it was pretty boring. I replayed it twice before remembering how to catch that big fish. Well, even with how i felt playing it today,it still was one of my favorite games in club penguin growing up, and it was great to be able to play it again after all these years!
If you want to know the trick.., you just have to keep a fish on the hook! That bastard isn't happy with just one little worm! And again, i felt stupid at how easy it was to catch the mullet once I remembered the trick!
I also played some other games, like Puffle Rescue and Aqua Grabber, but the one that caught my eye was the Smoothie Smash game. It was a lot of fun, kept me focused and interested the entire time, and made a lot of coins. I wanted coins so much because I loved decorating my igloos as a kid..!

Speaking of igloos, I played a lot and worked hard to get a lot of coins and customize my dream home. At first, I started with baby steps and decorated the small, (ugly..) igloo a little with what I could afford. Then, I moved up and got the pink extended igloo, which isn't that pretty either, but it's at least a little better! I continued to play even more and turned my igloo into something that kid me would've probably liked. I added more furniture and decorations! It was such a satisfying feeling to see my igloo transform into something that i enjoyed!! Here is some progress:

first igloo!

current igloo!

I think i improved a lot with my igloo decorating skills, however, theres still room for improvement.

Another thing i had fun with on the game was, obviously, customizing my little penguin! honestly, the catalog isnt really my taste, but i could work with was i had and succesfully made an avatar that really resonates with me!

Overall, i had a lot of fun playing new club penguin.If you loved Club Penguin as kid, you should definitely give the new version a try! It offers a great sense of nostalgia and yet you'll still have fun playing the games youve replaying a bunch of times as a kid.. Even if you haven't played the game before, I highly recommend giving it a chance! The game is simple to navigate, and the games are fun and diverse!
I'm really looking forward to revisiting this game in the future and seeing how it continues to evolve. I'm confident that it will keep providing hours of entertainment and joy for players of all ages!