Review #9 Until Dawn

I just finished playing this game, and I felt so many emotions. I've never felt more anxiety and panic while playing a game, but then again, I haven't played video games as much as I have recently, so I don't have much to compare to.

I really enjoyed everything about this game; it's also very nostalgic for me because in 2015, I vividly remember watching my dad play it, and I was obsessed with it, searching on YouTube and watching videos about it. If I had told my 6-year-old self that I would eventually play it too, I'm sure she would have been very happy to hear that.

Anyway, this game was extremely amazing. The "don't move" sequences were very stressful in the final chapter; I don't think I've ever felt so much anxiety. Those were the most intense 20 seconds of my life, waiting for the monster to leave so it would end.

Obviously, I had to do everything right to get a good ending. Honestly... the controller vibrations, the sound of the heartbeat, and the overall intensity of the scene were too much for me. I didn't even breathe because I was afraid of making a mistake (and yet, I still made one). I really needed much more time than necessary to complete the final part; I kept getting killed by the wendigo, and it was so frustrating.

And how did I manage? I turned off the controller vibrations, left it on the table, and waited... I was a bit disappointed that I had to do that, but I spent embarrassingly long trying and was just fed up with it! (T_T)

In the end, I got a pretty good ending. Everyone survived, except for Jessica, who unfortunately died in Chapter 4 due to my clumsiness. Even Joshua survived, but honestly, I wouldn't count the transformed wendigo version as "alive"; he was already dead, to be honest... but hey! What matters is that I achieved the achievement of saving every boy in the game, so I'm at least proud of that. I'm genuinely upset that I couldn't save Jessica, but that's how it is.

My favorites were definitely Chris and Ashley. Their bond was really cute, and I also liked their dynamics. (As long as you make the right choices for a good story) I was rooting for them throughout the game. I really loved Ashley.

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