Review #8 The Sims 4

this will likely turn into a rant so.. reader discretion is advised i guess? i mean, its not that deep.

wow where do i even begin with this review. theres a lot to cover here. this game has a very huge fanbase from all around the world, and that is because it was one of the first to come up with a life simulator. people were intrigued by that idea! however, the sims 4 has gotten worse over the years. a lot of things that should be free were locked behind paywalls, which made the game not as enjoyable. even things that are neccessary, such as the weather (crazy how u need to pay to have that in your game.), and other essential things.. even freaking changing tables for infants. crazy right? how do you release infants but lock everything-you-need-to-care-for-them behind a paywall? should've just released infants with the growing together expansion pack at this point. the developers should be focusing on actually adding new creative interesting and ACTUALLY worth the money expansion packs, and stop asking for money for every essential thing.. Like horses, we were robbed from horses in the cottage living ep. and guess what? theres a new ep coming out for horses! great! as if they couldn't have been included in the cottage living pack, and actually make it worth the money.

however, despite its criticism, ea has us on chokehold. sure, there may be some new competition joining the game such as paralives, but there's no game that will ever be able to top sims 4. that game is and has been iconic for decades, has years worth of mods, seriously, there are thousands, something that other sim games won't just have after its release. and besides that, the sims 4 game already had a very huge fanbase to start with, other sim games don't. it will take even longer for those games to even come close to the amount of cc and mods that the sims franchise has., which is in my opinion one of the reasons that a lot of sim players remain, because there are mods for literally anything !!! the modders have been carrying the game on their back for years, providing us with the things EA failed to implement in their already expensive game.

I can't lie though, sims is very fun! - if you actually have dlc. i mean, mods are amazing and do so much for the base game, but there are essential stuff that can't be implemented with just mods. such as the weather, cats and dogs, stuff like that. but it also sucks that on top of having game packs you need mods too to actually have fun playing the game, when the game packs should already be enough, but, it is what it is! even if u complain about the game it wont stop their sales from sky rocketting everything a new expansion pack comes out! at this point just 🦜 the game.

Oh, and I must also add that previous sims games weren't even half as money hungry as sims 4 is. I mean, sims 4 even dropped the lore and stopped making the game interesting and have backstory to it. There are eps in the sims 3 that have twice as much content than sims 4 has in just one..

anyways, the game is actually fun and i myself have to admit that i've fallen in ea's chokehold. but that doesn't mean the game itself is good. we just don't have anything to compare it to, and even if it did NOW, it wouldn't surpass The Sims. Unfortunate but true.

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