Review #6 IB

I really enjoyed Ib! Which is another puzzle game. The game's artstyle and story are both captivating and engaging, and it left a lasting impression on me! Although I did not get the best ending, which was disappointing, the experience was still enjoyable overall! I got the Memory's Crannies ending the first time I played, and while I would have preferred the Promise of Reunion ending, I still appreciated the game's multiple endings and the experience of each of them! and as a scaredy cat.. the game's suspenseful atmosphere made me jump on several occasions, which added to the excitement and enjoyment of the overall gameplay....〒▽〒

Spoiler Below! Sorry!

My favourite character of the game was Garry!! I found myself really drawn to him and his relationship with Ib..And honestly he's so pretty and cute and aaooaa o (〃^▽^〃)o Their dynamic was adorable and heartwarming, with Garry acting as a protective big brother figure to Ib.. I also didn't like Mary's character, but I still felt sympathy for her. She was just trying to escape from that world and experience the real world. Her death was a little sad, and I was also just glad that she was gone. I would've loved to seen an even better ending where all 3 of them escape and remain friends after going to the real world (❤ ω ❤) that would've been very cute...

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