Review #5 The Witch's House

I thoroughly enjoyed playing The Witch's House. The game was so nicely made and the puzzles were so well crafted that I found myself very captivated in the experience.. From start to end,I was completely intrigued by the game's storyline and gameplay. I was so focused on completing each puzzle and unlocking each new area that I lost track of time. this game was so awesome and i played it in one sitting. the game follows the story of Viola, a young girl who wakes up in the middle of a forest only to find herself in front of a mysterious house. As she enters the house, she discovers that it is filled with traps and puzzles that she must solve in order to progress through the game! I think this game is amazing if you want to test yourself and how well you can solve these puzzles!

Spoilers below! Sorry!

the first ending i got was the normal ending, where viola goes with her dad. but i had one question, which was the closed from the first floor that was closed and said to open when the house turns normal[?] or something along those lines! i was wondering about it at the end, and knowing me i obviously had to go back and replay that sequence, and go to the first floor and into that room. and when i got that ending i was so shocked my jaw dropped. and then i felt so so bad for the real viola that was stuck in the witches body (うд≦●) then i realize that the real viola never gets a happy ending and that was sad, but at the same time the writer did what they wanted with that and i think it's sets as a reminder that not every game has a happy ending, you just need to accept the one you're left with. also seing the dead cat made me so sad. probably sadder than seeing the real viola stuck in the witches body. i swear i loved that cat and remembering the last lines the cat gives us and then seeing it dead was really heart wrenching tbh..

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