Review #3 Your Turn To Die

Your turn to die is one of my favorite games because it has a very interesting concept and plot. The game is about a group of people who are trapped in a facility where they must play a game of life and death! I think this game is amazingly well crafted, I love the visuals and all of the unique characters!! I've been obsessed with this game for a few years, and I replayed it like 123492384 times. I know this game by heart! I wanna make a shrine for it too......

The visuals are wonderfully crafted, and each character is unique, with their own personalities and backgrounds. The game's developers have put in a lot of effort to make sure that each character is memorable and somewhat relatable to the player.

Anyways, the game has a good balance of sadness and fear, with some scenes being very emotional and others being very tense.. The puzzles in the game are also very well-designed and require some critical thinking to solve, they are challenging, but not so difficult that they take away from the overall experience.

Spoilers below! Sorry TT__TT

Okay and i just have to say how much this game broke me the first time i played it. i went through it completely blind and i had no idea what was going happen!! and the first trial broke my heart in a million pieces. joe and kai were both such nice characters and i wish we saw more of them.. personally i really loved joe, but i think kai was particularly interesting. i really wanted to know more about him.. he was mysterious-ish.... okay, and the 2nd trial, i just have to say i cried so mf bad because nao was and is my favourite character and i don't care what anyone says she was so adorable and kind and i felt so bad for her the entire game. also sou's (..shin? idk what to call him LOL) was sad too. though i must say i hated his guts the entire first time i played. but when he showed sara that joe ai or wtv it was idk i kinda felt bad. plus he was so pretty i was crushing on him the entire game even tho he was insufferable!!!!!!!!!! and i am only accepting the lesbian ending. OKAY though i do really wanna see the ending of the game.. i wonder if its going to be a happy one or a sad one. even so i think whatever it is, its gonna be very amazing. and i'll definitely cry very much because this game means so much to me and i cant comprehend it ending. like everytime a new chapter comes out i replay the entire thing from start to finish.

i'll also wanna talk about reko and alice. the first time i played i saved reko i mean ;( i just loved her and nao so bad, even though i loved alice so much i wanted reko to live sobadddddddddddddddddddddd. anyways like i said ive replayed it multiple times, the first time i had the kanna and reko route, and i've also played the sou and alice route (where sou and alice r the ones who live, no more kanna and reko (TT___TT)) i kinda wanna keep going with this one since i heard its the more depressing route or sth. i dont know if its true but i like the more fucked up routes so i went with it. but obviously i'll replay it a bunch of times more when the next chapter comes out. so like i wont miss anything.......................

WAIT I FORGOT ABOUT Q-TARO. and honestly i didnt cry at his death. he died like a mf hero tho. kudos to him

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