Review #2 Sally Face

Sally Face is a game I believe any teenager that's looking for a mildly horror experience should check out! The game takes you through the journey of Sally Face, who must navigate his way through a series of challenges and uncover mysteries along the way! The game is designed with beautiful graphics, an engaging storyline, and an eerie atmosphere that really adds to the experience. What I appreciated most about Sally Face was the attention to detail in the characters and their development throughout the game.. TT__TT
each character had their own unique story that added depth to the storyline! The puzzles were challenging yet not too difficult which makes me think that it's a perfect game for anyone to enjoy! (whether you're like a master of puzzles, or not!)

Other than that, I must add that even if you replay this game, it won't be boring! as there are many secrets that you probably won't discover on your first playthrough, which I think adds to the uniqueness of each playthrough.. This is something I really appreciated in this game. This game will keep you entertained and focused, especially the last chapter, which is intense and very well crafted!!

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