This is the page where I can keep track of the games I play! ♪(^∇^*) ; I will also have recommendations and reviews.

Although I wouldn't say I'm a huge player, I still find myself fully immersed in the experience of the few games that I do play. I really enjoy playing the horror, rpg puzzle games. It also helps me to improve my thinking skills, as many of these games require critical and creative thinking to progress!
>My favourite genres are: Horror, Puzzle, Indie, Player Choice

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WebGamer Notes ; Posted 16:22 PM 9/4/2023

I haven't updated this page in a while but I've been playing a lot of supermassive games, I finished until dawn, the quarry, and man of medan so far!! (^^)

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Little Hope

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Don't have much to say since I just started playing !

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House of ashes[?]

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