i'm going to list my likes here because i love rambling about things i have a loving for .I hope you found something that we have in common or something that caught your eye. this is kind of the corner of my site where i get to ramble freely.

Fruits i absolutely love everything about fruits. i love how easily you can incorporate it into anything, i love trying out new fruits and i absolutely love their fragrant, delicious smells and how they're juicy and refreshing. don't get me wrong, i love eating chips and junk but there's just something about biting into a juicy watermelon or savoring the sweetness of a ripe mango that brings back the best memories, like hot summers.. i just can't wait to eat frozen grapes on a hot day outside with light summer breezes and birds..
Aside from their delicious taste and nostalgic value, fruits are also incredibly good for us! they're packed with vitamins and all kinds of things that help our body function properly and also to protect us from diseases. so eating fruit is just the best thing ever. it's like junk and snacks except it's healthy. and that's amazing.
my favourites though are watermelons, berries (especially strawberries and blueberries), nectarines and tangerines... nothing beats the juicy taste of these delicious fruits.
faves : watermelon,berries,nectarines
Television (movies,shows) Cinematography is the art of capturing a story through a lens. It is the visual medium that brings a story to life, it's very beautiful how people manage to create movies so surreal and amazing that they have lasting effects on the viewer. i know most people would put their favourite genre of movie here,or even just their favourite movie, but personally i just love all movies in general, and this is the category for it.
cinematography is a powerful art form, i really appreciate it.
my all-time favourite movie is the perks of being a wallflower. i know it's nothing revolutionary or anything like that, it's a coming-of-age movie that honestly made me feel the emotions of the character, charlie, through a lens and that's so special to me. immediately upon finishing the movie i was crushed, i've never felt that way about any movie. i bought the book immediately too.
my favourite genres are coming of age, horror, psychological and romance. very weird set of genres but they're very dear to me.
fave : the perks of being a wallflower, pretty little liars, the black swan, gossip girl
Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey is a true goddess of music. Her hauntingly beautiful voice and meaningful lyrics have such an impact on me. she's a goddess of sadness.
She has the ability to convey emotion through her voice alone, without even needing to use lyrics! the instrumentals alone give me chills so i just love her so much.
my favourite albums are lust for life, honeymoon, born to die and the recent album, ocean blvd. i'm always thrilled to find new music by her, whether released or unreleased. she just has such a unique style and voice and it is so powerful.
i know i could've put just music for this category, but i put lana del rey. she's her own genre of music and sadness.
faves: lust for life, honeymoon, btd