So.. Who am I?

hello and welcome to the page all about me, the webmaster of swirl or also known as celine! this page might be just rambles but i hope that ill be able to fit atleast the more interesting things about me into one body of text..

SWIRL is a personal website that I started as a fun and creative outlet! ♪(^∇^*) The idea was born out of my love for expressing myself and sharing my passions with others. I wanted to create a digital haven where I could showcase my interests! Although I am not a professional coder, I work hard to improve my skills and create a visually appealing website that is easy to navigate! I believe that every website tells a story, and through this site you can even witness me grow and expand my interests as my journey on the web continues! (o゜▽゜)o☆ I view my site as a home, where my digital heart resides.. because it's where I can be myself and express my true self.

as for me, i am an introverted 14 year old girl from romania, I consider myself a reserved person. (*μ_μ) I grew up with the internet but started this passion in 2021, it was unexpected as i never really thought about it until finding out the true potential of a blank canvas of a page.The freedom of being able create and design without limitations is truly liberating, while social media platforms have restrictions on what you can make with your page, your own page offers endless possibilities.. (^_-)≡☆

i'm basically just a teenager on the internet. but behind the screen, I enjoy exploring new interests and hobbies, while still focusing on my studies. such as television and music.. TV shows help me escape reality and discover new worlds, while music helps me romanticize and go about my day in a joyful state! I also love spending time with my closest friends, and create unforgettable memories and sharing laughter! Despite the anonymity of the internet, I believe it's important to be kind and compassionate in everything I do! I recognize that words have power, and I strive to use mine to encourage and make other feel safe! I am a sweet girl at heart, and i try my best to be understandable and express things in a good manner. I am a believer that there is no need to be mean to others. Instead, we should all try to be more positive and kind towards one another. I don't necesarrily mean you shouldn't be sincere or express your opinions to someone, i just think you should do so in a way that won't hurt anyone. It is possible that your words could negatively impact someone and cause them to feel hurt or discouraged!

But when i'm sitting in front of my screen, i really really love surfing the internet. I love indulging in my hobbies online, such as finding new graphics, reading different types of blogs, coding and watching videos on various topics. I also love the challenge of creating something from scratch and the feeling of accomplishment when I finally get it exactly the way i want it. so, whether i'm just playing video games, reading blogs, watching vogue secrets or coding and expanding my website, i find that the internet always has something new and exciting to offer which is why i enjoy it so much (´ ε ` )♡

besides my few interests, i also have a passion for web design! which is shown through my website of course! , i think it's important that people recognize the importance of web design more. (❁´◡`❁) It's a great thing that anyone who would like to express themselves should get into! your website is like a blank canvas waiting to be fullfilled with colors and personality, and you can basically just splash your thoughts onto it, and create something that is dear to you. and i find that to be very nice!! you can also connect with others who have similar passions! The freedom of being able create and show our personality on screen is truly liberating, which is why i think more people should take an interest on coding and web design.

i'm also into beauty and self care. i find it mesmerizing romanticizing taking care of yourself more. i know it's not a "great" accomplishment to others, but it is to me! it's me myself and i against the world and i do anything in my power to be my own best friend. i like having friends, but i don't mind being alone ever.Learning to be comfortable with myself and enjoying my own company brings me so much happiness.☆(#××)

Another thing about me is a enjoy playing video games! Although I wouldn't say I'm a huge player, I still find myself fully immersed in the experience of the few games that I do play. I really enjoy playing the horror, rpg puzzle games. It also helps me to improve my thinking skills, as many of these games require critical and creative thinking to progress! Some of my favourites are : the witch's house, your turn to die and pocket mirror. I also enjoy simple, indie sim games, The Sims 4 in particular, i love experimenting with different families and also decorating my dream homes, even simply creating sims makes me very focused! the sims 4 helps me pay attention to detail more. I also play Paladins a lot, which is a fantasy team-based shooter game! i just play it to have fun, i'm not like a very competitive person, however i do tend to rage quit a lot.. oopsie (#_<-)

My friends would also describe me as a kind and thoughtful individual. and thoughtful more in the way that i enjoy contemplating and theorizing about this world and all its complexities. The mysteries of the world are endless, and it makes a great starter for long and deep conversations,which is something i enjoy a lot.Through these conversations, I have gained a deeper understanding of different perspective! I believe that there is always something new to learn and discover, and I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge and understanding of the world around me (.. I also just enjoy listening to people's opinions on different matters. I love hearing people get excited about their favourite things.)

well, that's about it. i hope that this introduction gave you some insight on me, the webmaster! when it comes to writing bios, it can be quite a challenge for me to encapsulate a character's personality in just one entry, and it can be even more challenging when it's about myself.. but i hope that this page was well thought. i have more on the left side, in the contents page. happy reading!