here is a list of things that i dislike!!! 。・゚゚(ノД`)あ゙~ん (my absolutely non judgemental side will probably defend or say something nice about them but anyways.. )

(Creepy) Insects I don't have anything personal against insects.. i think some of them are pretty.. to look at from afar away! i appreciate people who are interested in them, but i just dislike them because i'm scared of them. especially spiders!! i literally will not even pass a spider. if i see one in my room, for example in a corner, i will never pass that corner so long as its not gone. i also don't like flies. they disgust me.. though i think insects like butterflies, ladybugs or praying mantis (especially flower praying mantis) are super pretty and i love !!) so i dont hate all insects. just the creepy ones. Just a note tho, i think spiders and especially tarantulas are cool but im still scared of em
Mean/Disrespectful people I really hate meeting mean people, people who always have something bad to say about someone else.. people who shit talk, etc!! I don't think it's necessary at all to be mean to people, especially to their faces. I guess some people would say " there's nothing wrong about being blunt/sincer " well yea, but not when someone hasn't asked for your opinion. ( i guess there's a pass when it really really is necessary.. but i'm not talking about those cases. ) i especially dislike people who disrespect older people/teachers or things like that. My heart breaks when I see someone be mean to old people..
Hot weather/spaces I don't like the hot weather to be honest.. like summers, and things like that. Sweating just makes me feel uncomfortable and the heat from the sun can be unbearable at times.. If it's hot outside I always get headaches. I just don't like it at all!! And it's such a pain to go through summer. I haven't even gone to the beach in a few years.And i love the sea and allat.. but I can not stand the heat!!
Besides weather I also just dont like very warm places. Like I feel good being warm and snuggled up in my blanket,buuut it's only enjoyable if the rest of the room is cooler. IDK but something about the air is so different.. Warm air feels like its hugging me so thightly i can't breathe!! (every summer my ac is on 24/7)
People with "tik tok" personality I didn't want the "title" to be too long so i just said people with tik tok personality, but i just mean people who base their entire personality around social media. Like people who only listen to artists that are popular on tik tok (specifically if they only know 2 songs that went popular once), those people who lack originality and feel the need to dress up like every other bitch, people who don't even have their own opinions and feel like they need to consume and accept everything they see on social media (it is infuriating when someone can't even form their OWN opinion on something.) I mean,, i really don't care about others and what they do, but i just don't wanna associate or be friends with those kinds of people.