"neocities commissions"

publishing date: 5/5/23

it feels like neocities has become an hosting service for just anyone, even though its supposed to be a community for passioned coders. people tend to forget the original idea that neocities has proposed to us, "Neocities is bringing back the fun, creativity and independence that made the web great."
Bringing more users to this site that have no interest in actually learning how to code and are asking for commission is seriously beating the point of neocities. There are already so many users who came here from carrd and aren't interested in learning the beauty of web design and coding, and with neocities becoming more and more popular on tumblr one day the principle of neocities will be gone, and its already starting to be.

i'm not a perfect coder in any way. but i'm actually willing to understand the concept of neocities and coding and i appreciate it, i don't come on here to flood neocities with new sites without passion, like they're just an "aesthetic" shell without anything behind it.

and nobody's telling you not to make money from making websites! people quite literally make living of off those, and it's great that people are able to turn hobbies into their careers. but you'd be doing every passioned person on here a favour by not bringing people who dont fit the criteria, into niche community like neocities.

being a beginner is okay, everyone starts somewhere, but on neocities the main point is to make something true to your heart's desires, not matter how little or how unexperienced you are, if your truly in love with the idea of web design, that love will be shown on screen. and people will appreciate you for it.

with that being said, if you really just want to have a site out there that's fine. but neocities isnt the place for you. go to other web hosting services, get a commission if thats what you really want.
it shouldn't be weird to expect new users to actually be interested in coding, thats what the point of it is.

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