How to make your webpage more personal!

publishing date: 1:42 PM 5/21/2023?

Neocities is all about creativity and passion. It’s a hotspot for bloggers and people who want to share their interests with their world. but when I look at a webpage, I either see personality or I don't! I know this may seem blunt, but it's just how I think.

So, how can you add personality to your webpage? There are many ways go about it.

1.One essential thing is to add imgs or gifs that reflect your interests and/or style. For example, if there’s a certain anime character you enjoy, boom! you can just add gifs with that character wherever you’d like. If you like flowers, you should definitely decorate your homepage with them. Oh you like music? Use music notes as bullet points. The possibilities and ways to go with this are endless!
This will reflect your personality to the visiting people and it will feel more home-y and interesting to look at. When I see a page that feels so personal to the webmaster, i see more passion and it makes me enjoy the page even more, whereas if you go on a page that doesn’t have that, it won’t radiate that same energy. You’re welcome to disagree with me on this one.

2. Another helpful thing is choosing a colour palette that is true to your heart’s desires. Take the time to figure out what colours speak to you, i know it can be tempting to js choose the first colour combo that catches your eye, but it's worth taking the time to explore different options and really delve into what colours really resonate with you, that reflect your personality on screen. Not only will this make your homepage more unique and memorable, but this will create a visual balance which is, in my opinion, a crucial thing to having your page more pleasing to look at!
How can I make a colour palette? well , there are websites out there just for that! You will also find that these websites showcase hundreds of interesting and visually pleasing colour palettes, you will get your muse and inspo from them, but you can also create one yourself.

3.Something that really helps add personality and unique-ness to your page is customizing and making graphics for your page, yourself! Don’t be afraid to try something new if you haven’t worked with graphic design or art. You can costumize anything, such as the headers, fonts, even the view counter, or simply the pixels, dividers, cursors, etc. You can make your page flow even more nicely this way. When your graphics are designed to complement each other, they can create a cohesive and interesting look that gives a nice feeling to the visitors.

4.This step will apply more to those who are in need of page ideas, after making the usual personal bio and blog page, it can be difficult to think of additional content to add to your website. So here are some idea of unique and personal pages to add to that navigation bar!

First off, you can start with shrines. Most people have shrines on their site. Making a shrine for your favourite tv show character, or maybe a pet, or just anything you find joy in, it can make your page more comforting and you will be able to find more joy in your site yourself. This will also help you find folks with the same interests, or, it might catch the eye of someone who hasn’t yet heard of it.

Another page idea is making, kind of an interactive, silly page of something you like. For example, I made a visual aquarium with gifs of fishes from the internet, and i made secret pages that you can find by clicking a random fishy. This not only adds an element of surprise and intrigue, but it also keeps visitors engaged for a longer period of time, and may even have a laugh or two!

This is kind of similar to the last idea, but you can make secret pages on the homepage itself. For example, as mentioned later, you can have some graphics of things you like scattered on your homepage. Why not make one of these link to a secret, personal page? I have an idea for you. You can make it link to a page with a “room” that you can design yourself, with everything personal to you. and that can be a nice page that only some could access! If you like the ocean, you can make it look like a bubble and fit elements inside it, or maybe you can make a pink princess room for the pink lovers, or a science lab, a library, things like that. The best part is, is that you don’t even have to draw it (..unless you want to.) If art isn’t your forte, you can just find images online and place them on top of eachother. If you want to have your favourite plushie in that room, take a picture of it, make it transparent and add it wherever you want. Why the hell not? Then you can even give it a name (by adding ‘title’ in the image tag) so that when someone hovers over that plushie, it will see the name of it. This can be so fun and interesting to design, so why not? if this idea sparks your interest, go for it!

This will be the end of it! I hope that these ideas were helpful in anyway to you. Remember, if your site is an extension of your personality and style, don't be afraid to show it! I would also like to apologize for my terrible writing skills and constant repeating, this is just my 2nd article and i did my best. So yeah, if you want a more personal page, use these tips! … or, don’t! do what feels right!

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